System 4 Golf Simulator

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Indoor Golf Simulators - System 4The System 4™ Golf Simulator is a full-featured indoor golf system complete with all the hardware needed to play golf in your home or business.

This golf simulator comes with a 3200 lumen video projector for bright, clear pictures of the 27 real picture golf courses and 75 3D digital computer generated golf courses. The driving range feature you practice at 10 yards, 20 yards, up to 250 yards in 10 yard increments to a green. Practice driving from a tee box or a typical driving range view. There are 3 long drive and 3 closest to the pin competitions. Each have a there own programmable golf holes and leader board.

Additionally, there is Web based league play tracking software. This allows the league golfers to track the league status at home. Golf businesses can make extra income with the advertising feature.

The software includes the above features, easy to use menus using a touch screen monitor, you can modify current golf game parameters without having to restart it, swing analysis with each shot in three display formats. The measured parameters are club face angle at impact with the golf ball, club head path, club face impact point, golf ball launch angle, swing tempo, club head speed, golf ball speed and shot distance.

For the club builder, the standard clubfitting software allows you to fit your customers accurately and timely. This software is an excellent practice tool also.

There is an optional credit card operation. Also international languages are available.

The Swing for the Green game is a skill type of gaming play.

The large, standard size cage is 15 foot wide by 10 foot high by 10 foot long. This cage can be modified to fit into any room you can swing a golf club. The cage is easy to break down and move to a new location if necessary.

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